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#WISPAA 2023 Winners Announced

Basketball, pole vaulting and athletics are the big winners of WISPAA 2023, as the victors of this year’s competition are announced.

James Gourley’s capture of the Belgium v Puerto Rico match at last year’s FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup took first place in the Professional category, while Olivier Rachon’s shot “Reaching New Heights” of Elyssia Kenshole clearing the bar at the Victorian Open Track and Field Championships has captured the crown in the amateur category.

The ‘Emerging Photographer’ category was won by Emma Hoppo with her on-court capture of Abby Cubillo of the Adelaide Lightning. This category invited budding photographers under 21 to submit their images. 

The judges were wowed by the quality of the photos entered across all three categories.

“This image grabbed the judges attention from the beginning,” said Michael Willson, chief ALF Photographer of James Gourley’s winning shot.

“From a photographic perspective the picture is really on point technically. An interesting angle and unique composition engages the viewer at first sight – all combining to make a bold, striking sports photograph.”

The runners up in the professional category were “The Don’t Argue Fend” by Matt Blyth, and “Gritty Finish” by Daniel Pockett.

In the Amateur category, the runners up were Fred Etter with his shot of pole vaulter Eliza McCartney, and Malcolm Trees with a sea-sprayed capture of the IRB Australian Titles in Mollymook, NSW. The winning shot by Olivier Rachon was a clear stand-out for the judges.

“We felt this shot totally encapsulated the brief of the competition and delivered such drama in its angles and perspective,” said Emily Benamar, NewsCorp’s Head of Digital Sport.

“The lighting was stunning, colour consistency throughout delivered strong continuity and the background allowed for the action to speak for itself.”

Now in its second year, the Emerging category winner was Emma Hoppo, a South Australian based photographer.  

“We were delighted to come across several strong entries in the emerging category,” said Cassie Trotter, Co-Founder of Australian Women in Photography (AUSWIP) and Senior Director, Editorial Content at Getty Images. 

“We agreed that the winning entry showcased the skill and strength of all the athletes involved, but also demonstrated the photographer’s keen eye for capturing action with a clean background, adding to the overall appeal of the image.”

Emma also placed as a runner-up with a capture of Perth Lynx basketballer Lauren Mansfield, while Jacob Gower was also in the top three with his shot from the World Cross Country Championships in Bathurst. 

WSA were delighted to partner with News Corp again in 2023 to decide on the People’s Choice Award. After almost two weeks of voting, the clear stand-outs for the public were “Bubble” by Daniel Pockett and “Reach Out” by Alexander Bogatyrev.

The 2023 Women In Sport Photo Action Awards Winners:

1st: James Gourley
2nd: Matt Blyth
3rd: Daniel Pockett

1st: Olivier Rachon
2nd: Malcolm Trees
3rd: Fred Etter

1st: Emma Hoppo
2nd: Jacob Gower
3rd: Emma Hoppo

News Corp People’s Choice:
Professional: Daniel Pockett
Amateur: Alexander Bogatyrev

Now in its fifth year, #WISPAA aims to generate greater recognition and respect for the power and athleticism of women actively participating in sport. Women Sport Australia is delighted to be supported by News Corp as a media partner. 

More information about #WISPAA 2023 can be found at 

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