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Gender Equity Pledge


Since our inception in 2005, Women Sport Australia has supported and worked in collaboration with stakeholders from around Australia and the world to improve opportunities for girls and women in sport and recreation – both on and off the field.

A lot has changed since 2005, but not enough. Not yet.

Whilst the momentum is building, so too is the sense of urgency to effect meaningful change to Australian society to ensure equality across all areas of sport – access, participation, policy, leadership, coverage, remuneration and so much more.   

You’re invited to be a part of this change, by taking the Gender Equity in Sport Pledge.

What is the Gender Equity in Sport Pledge?

It’s simple – it’s a collective commitment:

“I am taking affirmative action to create equity for girls and women in sport, until we reach the point where this is a given rather than a goal.”

By signing up to the Pledge you are demonstrating your support for Women Sport Australia’s work to influence gender equality in sport and foster the participation of women and girls in active, healthy lifestyles.

Are you in?  


We will keep you in the loop on the work being untaken by Women Sport Australia to level the playing field for girls and women in sport and recreation.

Organisations who have taken the Gender Equity in Sport Pledge:

Women in Sport WA

Women In Sport WA showcases women and girls sports in Western Australia and beyond. We aim to champion the ‘inner girl’ from grassroots sports too elite. We are innovative, informal, inclusive and of course inspiring. We are the IN , in Women sport. Social media is our main tool for engagement you can find us on Instagram, Fb, Tiktok, Youtube and Twitter.

Women of Sport Australia Network

WOSAN provides occasions for women who work in sport to come together four times a year and, over an informal but very enjoyable lunch, make new friends, catch up with old ones, meet people who have only been on the other end of an email or a phone call, exchange ideas and stories and introduce each other to each other for the good of women and for the good of sport.
Women’s Coaching Association

Our mission at the WCA is to encourage and empower women and girls to coach sport by providing support, network opportunities, education and a voice for women and girls who coach.

Siren: A Women in Sport Collective

Siren: A Women in Sport Collective is a not-for-profit collective of Australian women’s sports advocates, content creators and fans who for years—decades even—have been left wanting more from mainstream coverage of women in sport.
Realising we could achieve more together than separately, we combined our skills, experience and knowledge to create Siren: A Women in Sport Collective.
Our mission is to elevate women’s voices alongside other diverse and marginalised voices to deliver feminist content that challenges the status quo of sport media.

Shona Joy

Shona began selling her hand painted designs at the iconic Bondi Beach and Paddington Markets in 2000. From humble beginnings, the Shona Joy brand has continued to grow and evolve. Still based in Sydney, Australia – Shona Joy is powered by a close-knit team, led by Shona and grounded by a mutual love of designing for real women and creating dresses for celebrating life in.
We don’t believe in disposable fashion, with a mission to design the pieces that will be treasured as part of your wardrobe forever – striving to create pieces that transcend any season, occasion, day or evening and look just as glamorous in heels or bare feet.
To support the campaign toward gender equity for women in sport, Shona Joy is proud to support the incredible work of WSA to inspire, attract, retain and develop women in sport and aid their advancement in the workforce as, athletes, coaches, managers or executives.