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Fran Hurndall on the home stretch of a record breaking run

MEDIA OPPORTUNITY:Fran Hurndall will cross the finish line of a record breaking run at Sydney Olympic Park on Friday August 18 at approximately 4:30pm. 

For the past 28 days, Fran Hurndall has been dribbling a soccer ball down the East Coast of Australia, averaging 32 kms of running a day.

As Australia becomes wrapped up by the Matilda’s inspired run to the semi-finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, thousands have equally been encouraged by Fran’s never-say-die attitude on this record breaking attempt. 
When Fran crosses the finish line of her run on Friday 18 August, she’ll become the first person to have dribbled a soccer ball all the way from the Gold Coast to Sydney, totalling 1000kms. 

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Fran though. “My calves are on fire from all the hills running and I’ve been embracing all the rain that we have had over the last week as we’ve come further south – I’m hoping my toe nails hang in there,” said Fran. 

“The thing that gets me through and that I’m finding the best part of the run is all the beautiful people I have met and who have supported me while travelling down the coast.”

Fran has run through National Parks, small towns, along lonely stretches of road and busy highways all in the name of women’s sport.

A former Arsenal Academy player, Fran knows first hand how important it is for women and girls to see equal representation in sport.

“This FIFA Women’s World Cup has been the best World Cup ever. It’s amazing to see how far women’s football has come. Each match gets me fired up and makes it such an exciting journey running and raising awareness for women in sport.”

Last week Fran ticked over the $10,000 fundraising mark for Women Sport Australia (WSA) and the volunteer board of WSA couldn’t be prouder of Fran’s efforts to make change.

“By donating to Fran and Women Sport Australia, you will help ensure that women and girls in sport can dare to dream and fulfil their potential in the sporting arena at all levels, both on and off the field,” said WSA President Gen Dohrmann. 

“You can’t be what you can’t see, so join Fran in inspiring future generations of athletes.”

Donations can be made via the Australian Sports Foundation here.

We encourage media and public alike to greet Fran when she arrives at her final destination of her run at Sydney Olympic Park – Olympic Cauldron on Friday 18 August at 4.30pm. 

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