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Winner 2019

Michael Willson (VIC)
‘The Kick’
Tayla Harris, AFLW

Finalists 2019

Richard Morgan (NSW)

Karen Watson (NSW)

Craig Golding (NSW)

Dan Himbrechts (NSW)

Dan Peled (QLD)

Marina Neil (NSW)

Mark Avellino (VIC)

Andrew Berry (VIC)

Rachel Bach (VIC)

Scott Barbour (VIC)

Karen Watson (NSW)

Craig Golding (NSW)


Winner 2019

Johan Schmidt (WA)
‘The hit-up’
Sera Ah-Sam and
Tayla Stanford,
Rugby Union

Finalists 2019

Philip Barnes (WA)

Olivier Rachon (VIC)

Marcia Riederer (VIC)

May Bailey (NSW)

David Layden (QLD)

Megan Brewer (VIC)

Stephanie Meek (NSW)

Bob Wood (NSW)

Angelo Cabansag (VIC)

Robyn MacRae (NSW)

Alexander Bogatyrev (VIC)

Therese Glowaski (QLD)

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