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The Sports Bra Project

A Sports Bra = an opportunity

OUR PURPOSE – Providing life opportunities to women through Sport  

WHAT WE DO –  Remove barriers to sports participation for women & girls around the world by providing new sports bras to organisations and programs operating in countries and communities where opportunities and access to sport is limited.

WHY WE DO IT – For many, a sports bra is a luxury.  When resources are limited, our basic human needs – food, water, educational fees – take priority over luxuries like sports equipment. Sports Bras are an essential piece of sports kit for safe and confident play.

HOW WE DO IT – We take donations from kind sports bra companies and wonderful individuals who want to help as well as fantastic sports clubs and other organisations that run bra drives as a great community activity. We gather them up and send them to the girls and women in need using the funds of our amazing sponsors and many partnerships in the community. We also run events to raise awareness and gather donations.

Thank you to our Sponsors:
People, Culture and Strategies
Rugby Australia
Women Sport Australia

Thanks to these trusted organisations:
Friends of School Sport NT
Daughters and Dads
Rugby Australia

WHO WE ARE – A volunteer organisation working to set up the Australian chapter of the US based charity TSBP. To ensure that the equipment gets to its intended location, the project works with trusted partners and sponsors.

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We also thank our wonderful ambassadors who help us spread the word

The Sports Bra Project in the Media

ABC: The Sports Bra Project: gifting a simple piece of sporting equipment that’s changing lives


Our annual event is to raise awareness and support for The Sports Bra Project. The Sports Bra Project increases access to sports for women and girls by removing barriers to participation. We provide sports bras to women who want to be active but don’t have access to activewear. 

Thank you to all who joined us at Untied Rooftop Sydney in November 2023.

Follow us on our socials to see when the date for our 2024 event launches!

Thank you also to those who came to the wonderful Sydney event in October 2022. It was a brilliant day.


“Breast Research Australia is very happy to help education on the benefit of breast health and sporting performance of females all over the world.  Our breast health biomechanics research over the past 20 years has found that knowledge of females of all ages have poor knowledge on breast support and bra fit and consequently wear bras that do not provide sufficient breast support and do not fit correctly. they are also very commonly uncomfortable for them to wear.

Our research evidence and understanding of the breast anatomy and breast biomechanics during sport has concluded that sports bras are not just a piece of underwear – they are a piece of sporting equipment.  

The research we conducted at the Fairbreak Invitational last year confirmed the need to translate our education into women’s cricket all over the world. Our aim this year is run practical workshops that will train females attending the competition (athletes, coaches, managers, physical therapists) to bring the education we have developed in Australia to women all over the world. This is a great opportunity to run a global Women’s Breast Health project that is sustainable and that can overcome the barriers of language. Through practical workshops, we will train women to train other women in their countries. We will therefore be able to disseminate our breast health education, in an ongoing sustainable method to women all over the world.
– TSBP Ambassador Deirdre McGhee, BPhty, PhD

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