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Run with Fran – Chick with a ball

Fran Hurndall is 31 years old and has been living in Australia for the last 8 years. She played semi professional football in the UK and has had a deep passion in her heart for football since the age of 7. 

You would always find Fran running around in a football kit with a football in hand, instead of playing with dolls…

On the 20th July Fran will be attempting to be the first ever woman to complete a 1000km run from the Gold Coast to Sydney with a soccer ball at her feet. 

She’ll be running 32km per day, over 32 days during the FIFA Women’s World Cup, culminating at the finals in Sydney ANZ stadium, on the 20th August. 

A lover of sports and especially women in sport, Fran would like to raise $500,000 to raise awareness for this cause.  

Like Women Sport Australia, Fran would like to ensure that women and girls in sport can dare to dream and fulfil their potential in the sporting arena at all levels, on and off the field of play.

‘You can’t be, what you can’t see’

It’s about inspiring athletes of the future generation to come.

Social media accounts: 

TikTok: @franhurndall

Twitter: @franhurndall

Instagram: @franhurndall

Facebook: Fran Hurndall

LinkedIn: Fran Hurndall

Facebook group: RunwithFran – chick with a ball