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Women Sport Australia (WSA) is the peak national not-for-profit organisation committed to equal opportunity for women and girls in sport and physical activity.

WSA does this through:

  • Influencing decision makers to support initiatives, programs and policies that level the playing field for women and girls
  • Sharing best practice and research to engage women and girls in sport and physical activity
  • Inspiring a nation of active women and girls by celebrating and supporting role models and leaders

We care about what happens to women and girls both on and off the field.
We support women and girls of all ages to participate in their chosen roles in sport and physical activity.

We help sporting bodies to achieve their goals of growth, diversity and profitability.

Our mission is to provide advocacy and leadership for the progress and facilitation of opportunities for Australian women and girls in and through sport, physical activity and recreation.

We welcome individuals and organisations to join WSA to demonstrate their support for our work to influence gender equality in sport and fostering the participation of women and girls in active, healthy lifestyles.