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2021 AGM

Women Sport Australia Inc
Annual General Meeting Agenda
Wednesday 6th October, 2021
6.00pm-7.00pm AEDT
Online via Zoom

Notice is hereby given that the 2021 Annual General Meeting (2021 AGM) for Women Sport Australia Inc will be held Online via Zoom on Wednesday 6th October, 2021, commencing at 6.00pm, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time
Broadcast by Zoom

To participate in the meeting via the Zoom, you must first need to pre-register notifying the secretary at of your intent to by 5pm AEDT Monday 4th October 2021.

Proxy Voting

Please note that, as this will be a virtual meeting, all voting must be done via Proxy.  If you wish to vote, you must submit a proxy as set out at the end of this notice.

Business of the Meeting

1. Minutes of previous general meeting (attached)

To pass the following as an ordinary resolution:
“That the minutes of the General Meeting held on 30th September 2020 are approved.”

2. Annual Report
To receive, consider and discuss the Annual Report (attached) for the year ended 30 June 2021.
[Note: no resolution is required]

3. Financial Statements
To receive, consider and discuss the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2021 (attached).                   
[Note: no resolution is required]

4. Special Resolution

To consider the Special Resolution proposed by the Board:
“That Carol Fox be made a Life Member of Women Sport Australia  in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the Association during her 5 years as a Director, President and for conducting the mentoring program for the association.”

5. Special Resolution – Constitutional Changes

The Women Sport Australia (WSA) Board has determined that two substantive changes to the WSA Constitution be considered by the WSA members:

  • Requirement to audit financial statements

Under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Act), WSA is currently a Tier 1 incorporated association and is not required to audit its financial statements unless required to do so by the WSA rules, a majority of members require an audit or if directed by the Registrar of Incorporated Associations. The rules of WSA make it mandatory for the WSA financial statements to be audited each year. This has proven to be a task that is both difficult to arrange – due to the difficulty in identifying and maintaining an appropriate auditor at a reasonable price – and also relatively expensive. The Board prefers the alternative, which is to give WSA flexibility to have the financial statements audited without making it mandatory. This is covered in Article 9(11) of the marked up Constitution.

  • Changes to membership

WSA currently runs a membership model through which ordinary members are required to pay an annual membership fee of $50. There is concern that this requirement does not currently provide adequate return on investment for members, while also being administratively difficult to manage. In line with the Board’s view that it is more strategically advantageous to have members make an “Equity Pledge” rather than pay a membership fee, changes have been made to recognise how ordinary members are recognised by WSA in future. Ordinary members (both individual and organisational) will be recognised under the proposed changes to the WSA Constitution if they support the purposes of WSA, accept the pledge, accept the Constitution and their membership is accepted by the Board. See Articles 4(7) through 4(11) for changes to support this new membership approach. This membership model continues to meet the minimum requirements of the Act regarding minimum membership numbers.

The WSA Board has also proposed further changes to the WSA Constitution, summarised as follows:

  • The Statement of Purpose of WSA has been updated to reflect the updated vision and new strategic focus of the organisation.
  • The requirements for the quorum for a General Meeting have been clarified so that a General Meeting is properly constituted if 10 members are present (Article 5(9)).
  • The requirements regarding the calling of Special General Meetings have been clarified by requiring a minimum of 20 members for any SGM to be convened (Article 5(4)).
  • Other consequential and typographical changes.

Click here for the marked up version

Special Resolution:
That all changes proposed to the WSA Constitution be adopted.

6. Election of Directors 5 persons have nominated to be elected as Elected Directors of Women Sport Australia Inc to fill the three available positions, being

Gen Simmons
Isaak Dury
Rebecca Reed
David Bond
Cherie Nicholl

 All nominees currently serve on the board. Gen Simmons, Isaak Dury, Rebecca Reed & David Bond are current Directors and have nominated to continue as Directors. Cherie Nicholl is an appointed Director that has nominated to become an elected Director.

To consider and if thought appropriate, pass the following as an ordinary resolution:


  1. That Gen Simmons be elected as a director of Women Sport Australia Inc
  2. That Isaak Dury be elected as a director of Women Sport Australia Inc
  3. That Rebecca Reed be elected as a director of Women Sport Australia Inc
  4. That David Bond be elected as a director of Women Sport Australia Inc
  5. That Cherie Nicholl be elected as a director of Women Sport Australia Inc

[Explanatory note: Election of directors is by secret ballot the voting for this has been incorporated into the Proxy Form.]
Dated 10th September 2021
Tamatha Harding
Proxy Voting

Proxy votes must be received by the secretary no later than 5pm Monday 4th October 2021.  The Proxy Form is attached.