Hannah Macdougall: WSA Mentoring Ambassador

We're thrilled to announce Hannah Macdougall as ambassador for our mentoring program. Hannah is a dual Paralympian, has captained the Australian Swimming Team, completed a double degree in Sport Science and Sport Management with Honours, and is currently studying a Phd. She is also aiming to represent Australia at the 2017 UCI Para Road World Championships. At 29, Hannah has had many mentors along the way, and here shares with us some of the values she sees in mentoring.

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Support women in sport as tax time approaches

Women Sport Australia (WSA) is seeking your financial support via a tax-deductible donation through the Australian Sports Foundation portal to help continue the revolution in women’s sport.

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Discounted membership offer to join Women Sport Australia

Join Women Sport Australia with discounted membership offer

To celebrate the historic bonanza of women’s sport being played in Australia we are launching a discounted $20 membership offer

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WSA welcomes Alex Moore-Porter

If you want to get your school-age daughters off of the couch over the holidays you could book them into a girls-only Heart & Soul Hoops Basketball Training session being conducted in Sydney by three-time All-American university basketball champion Alex Moore-Porter.

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Our Female Allstars

Australia goes to Rio

Australia heads into Rio with our female athletes dominating the numbers, if you are interested in finding out more about these amazing individuals you can follow the link through to the official Olympic Team:


It's a landmark moment in Australian sport and the media is noticing:


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Charlesworth warns AFL, Cricket Australia, FFA and NRL: don't exploit female athletes

As a notice to all members and interested parties, The Australian Womensport and Recreation Association Annual General Meeting will take place on September 13th 2016. More details to follow.


Officer of the Order of Australia recipient and legendary coach Ric Charlesworth today warned the major sporting codes not to use the expanded elite women’s competitions to boost their own image and appease detractors.


Charlesworth, who is also an Australian Womensport and Recreation Association Ambassador, said the AFL, Cricket Australia, the Football Federation of Australia and the NRL must also provide female athletes with decent wages and conditions.

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Annual General Meeting

As a notice to all members and interested parties, The Australian Womensport and Recreation Association Annual General Meeting will take place on September 13th 2016. More details to follow.

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Girls and their restrictive uniforms

The Australian Womensport and Recreation Association supports the petition of Victorian mother Simone Cariss for her six-year-old daughter to wear pants and shorts as per her school's boys' uniform instead of her girls' uniform.


Ms Cariss said her daughter’s school uniform - requiring girls to wear tunics and tights - “disadvantage girls like my daughter who want to play footy, run, climb and ride a bike to school. The boys get to wear pants and shorts which facilitate these activities far better than a dress. I won't stand for a policy that only encourages and promotes girls to be active on sports days.”

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Janice Crosswhite: women-in-sport leader resigns

One of Australia’s greatest champions for women and girls in sport Janice Crosswhite, OAM, is resigning from the advocacy organisation she founded over a decade ago, the Australian Womensport and Recreation Association.

After working tirelessly as AWRA’s leader to create a level playing and to break down barriers facing women and girls in sport and recreation, Crosswhite has decided it’s time to pass the baton to AWRA’s new executive.

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Sally Pearson readies herself for Rio, and road tests the new uniform


It's great to see one of Australia's most talented track athletes hit the blocks again after a lengthy time recovering from a devastating injury. But as Sally Pearson reminds us, this isn't the first time she has had to overcome injury before heading into a major event.

Can she make it 2 in a row? Only the next few months will tell.