National Young Women In Sport Mentoring Program

Stay tuned for information about 2018 Mentoring Workshops!


Are you looking to launch your career in sport or striving take it to the next level? If the answer is a resounding “YES” then the WSA Young Women’s Mentoring Program, designed for women aged 18 – 30, is for you.

Mentoring is a proven and practical way to encourage the participation and advancement of women in the workforce.  The creation of supportive ‘role-model’ based relationship allows a more experienced individual to guide, encourage and support the mentee as she strives to achieve identified aspirations and goals.

Successful leaders regularly cite their mentors as having played a critical role in their career success. The mentor can certainly open doors that might have otherwise been closed.

Over the past three years, WSA’s Mentoring Program has provided opportunities for over 100 women to form mentoring partnerships with female and male senior sports leaders.

In 2017 we held workshops in Melbourne and Sydney and we look forward to bringing workshops to more cities across Australia in 2018.


Our Experienced Program Team:

Carol Fox: President – WSA, Principal Trainer & Executive Coach – Confident Communication for Leaders

Bron Madigan: Managing Director – Dynamix Sport Projects, Board Member - Softball Victoria


Our Program Structure:

WSA’s Young Women’s Mentoring Program recognises the importance of the mentor/mentee matching process and this is addressed proactively from the outset to optimise the outcome.

Mentees will attend a Professional Workshop focusing on:

  • Being a Confident Leader

  • The Art of Networking

  • Boards and Committees
  • Career Pathways

There will be a minimum of 3 one-to-one sessions between the mentor and mentee. You won’t be left to work it out yourself! Regular Program Communication will be in place throughout, providing guidance to mentors and mentees and ensuring progress is being made.

Our program concludes with an evaluation to assess how well it has met expectations and assist future enhancement.

Your Commitment:

  • Active engagement in the Professional Workshop

  • A minimum of 3 meetings between the mentor and mentee

Benefits of the Mentoring Program:

  • Providing a supportive environment for personal development and increasing self-esteem and confidence;

  • Providing mentees with new skills, industry knowledge and a personal development plan and pathway options.


2017 Young Women’s Mentoring Program fees are as follows (all fees are inclusive of GST):

  • Individual WSA member fee: $400 per person
  • Individual non-member fee: $450 per person
  • For applicants whose employer is a WSA organisation member: $350 per person

It’s Time to Move Your Career Forward

For more information please email Bron Madigan, Dynamix Sport Projects at


WSA Melbourne Mentee Testimonials

“The WSA Young Women’s Mentoring Program has allowed me to grow not only professionally but personally too. Getting the opportunity to do a professional workshop and learn from some of the best in their fields as well as getting paired with a mentor who I can continue to learn from and talk with is as invaluable as you can get.”

Bethany Charles – Big V

"Being part of the WSA Young Women’s Mentoring Program was my first step in taking ownership of my professional career. The workshop hosted by the Women Sport Australia team (including Carol, Bron and Allison) will leave you feeling inspired to aim high and empowered to achieve more – in whatever respect that may be. Being matched with my mentor was a straightforward process, and the relationship which we have formed has both tailored the steps I will take to chip away at my goals, and opened my eyes to career avenues I may never have considered. Even weeks after the workshop has concluded, I am still enthused about the possibilities which lie ahead!" 

Alisha Min – Vicsport

"I am completely chuffed and honoured to be a part of this program. From what started as an initial ‘are you interested’ email from my manager, has turned into such a powerful and uplifting group to be a part of. Carol, Margot and Bron; congratulations on your success so far as individuals and as group of positive leaders. The WSA program is a whole new group friends I’ve been lucky enough to meet and both be supported by and give support and advice to through my experiences and knowledge." 

Laura Simpson – Big V

“The Women Sport Australia Mentoring Program has been a great experience. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet other young women who are working in sport and to be partnered with a knowledgeable mentor in your chosen field for career advice.”

Gen Simmons - Gymnastics Victoria