Women Sport Australia (WSA) is the peak national not-for-profit organisation that advocates for and provides leadership to women and girls in sport, physical activity and active recreation.

WSA celebrates the achievements and triumphs of female athletes, coaches, officials and administrators both on and off the field.

We also support women of all ages to participate in their chosen roles in sport and physical activity.

WSA fights to lower the many barriers facing women and girls in sport including the right to:

· Equal pay, workplace conditions and career progression;
· Equal access to competition and training facilities, sports medicine and administration;
· Equal media time, space, treatment and status;
· Equal access to and facilitation of leadership and mentoring opportunities to improve confidence and skills.

WSA plays a pivotal role in informing, influencing and advocating for change in the media, government, sport and business to allow women to play and lead in sport.
To help support this work WSA provides leadership and mentoring programs for aspiring female leaders.

We encourage all women, men and organisations to become members of WSA and assist us in delivering real change across the sporting sector.

Join WSA and be part of the change.

Latest Updates

Jul 14, 2017

Hannah Macdougall: WSA Mentoring Ambassador

We're thrilled to announce Hannah Macdougall as ambassador for our mentoring program. Hannah is a dual Paralympian, has captained the Australian Swimming Team, completed a double degree in Sport Science and Sport Management with Honours, and is currently studying...

May 31, 2017

Support women in sport as tax time approaches

Women Sport Australia (WSA) is seeking your financial support via a tax-deductible donation through the Australian Sports Foundation portal to help continue the revolution in women’s sport.

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